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Introduction to Backgammon Game Part 2

February 20, 2018 Game Types 0

See the previous part of the article here /introduction-to-backgammon-game-1/ Checker Movement Checker movement can consist of the following: Moving one or more checkers the number on each of the 2 dice thrown. For example, if 5,3 is rolled, the player may move the first checker 5 points forward, and another checker 3 points forward. Also, one… Read more

Introduction to Backgammon Game Part 1

February 10, 2018 Game Types 0

Similar to our Online Poker sub-section, we’ve chosen to also include, underneath our “Games” heading, an entire section dealing with the popular game of Backgammon and its ever-increasing presence online. An immensely popular game throughout the years which has recently become a popular online gambling activity for many Internet gamers, Backgammon is a game of equal parts luck and… Read more