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Similar to our Online Poker sub-section, we’ve chosen to also include, underneath our “Games” heading, an entire section dealing with the popular game of Backgammon and its ever-increasing presence online.

An immensely popular game throughout the years which has recently become a popular online gambling activity for many Internet gamers, Backgammon is a game of equal parts luck and skill and attracts all different sorts of people and players. While Backgammon isn’t readily available in most online casinos, its emergence on the scene certainly merits it some space here on our site. What follows here is simply an introduction to this popular game and therefore, not necessarily a complete and comprehensive analysis. Nonetheless, check back often as we make updates and add articles on new topics.

As you can see, we’ve divided the information below into 3 sub-sections. The titles are fairly self-explanatory and straightforward. Go ahead and visit some of the pages below to get a better idea about each of the featured subjects!

Below, is a comprehensive outline of the general rules of Backgammon. Whether a newcomer to the game, or an advanced player looking for a refresher, you should find the following information useful. Check out other portions of our Backgammon category for other materials regarding strategy, hints, probabilities, extras, etc.

  1. Backgammon is played by 2 people facing each other at a table.
  2. The movement of men, or checkers, is governed by two dice, thrown from a cup to ensure randomness.
  3. Before beginning a game, either player may ask to roll for the choice of seats, checkers, or dice.
  4. Games are relatively short in duration and, therefore, usually played in matches up to a predetermined number (i.e., the first player to win three games out of five is the winner of the match).
  5. A standard game of Backgammon has the following arrangement of checkers at the beginning of a game. Remember there are several variants of the game in which the set-up is different.

Rolling the Dice
  1. At any point during the match a player may ask to mix the dice. All four dice will be placed in the cup and rolled. The opposing player then selects one die, followed by the roller, then again by the opponent, and finally the roller takes the last die.
  2. For the opening roll, each player rolls a single die. Whichever player rolls the highest number is the first to play, using the numbers shown. If the numbers are the same, each player must re-roll the die until there is a winner. After the opening roll, the players alternate rolling the dice and moving the checkers.
  3. When rolled, the dice must come to rest flat on the section of the board to the player’s right. If either of the dice is not flat, they are said to be cocked and must be re-rolled.
  4. Dice must come to a complete stop before they may be touched by the player. Also, they may not be rolled until an opponent has completed his play. In both cases, the dice rolled must be rolled again if not in accordance with these rules.
  5. A play/turn is deemed complete when a player picks up his dice. If he does so without playing all legal numbers (i.e., he only utilizes one of dice), the opposing player has the right to compel the player to use his remaining numbers, or to overlook the error and continue play. A player who picks up his dice may not put them back on the board and resume his turn.